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How to Grow Your Business with Micro Influencers in 2019

Big brands with big budgets can afford to pay big celebrities to promote their products. But what about you, the small business owner? Shouldn’t you be able to leverage influencer marketing like the rest of them, at least as much as your budget...
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It’s 2016: Time to Upgrade Your Web Presence (and Stop Fearing It!)

What’s really holding you back from embracing new marketing ideas for your business? These 5 tips will get you beyond your fears and onto new pathways for success. Fear plagues everyone- you’d be a robot if you didn’t possess a healthy...
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Don’t Believe These Myths About Instagram [I did and it hurt my business]

I traveled a long and winding road to learn about Instagram and B2B so you don’t have to. Learn from my mistakes, and you too can leverage your Instagram account to win clients for your business, even if it’s B2B. In marketing my content writing...
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When’s the Last Time Your Site Moved Upwards in the Rankings ?

Why You Need Social Media to Make Your Business Grow I am a small business owner.   If you’re like me, website traffic is always a concern now that ranking high in the search engines is not as easy as it used to be. Has it been a while since...
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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer

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It's a great resource for anyone who wants to get detailed info on branding, target audience, and goals from their new customers. I use it all the time in my line of work. 


The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer


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