How to Grow Your Business with Micro Influencers in 2019


Big brands with big budgets can afford to pay big celebrities to promote their products. But what about you, the small business owner? Shouldn’t you be able to leverage influencer marketing like the rest of them, at least as much as your budget will allow?

Influencer marketing has been one of the hottest topics in content for the past few years, but many small businesses don’t know how they can tap into its benefits.

While you may not be able to land a Kardashian or Beyonce, you can put the power of micro-influencers to work for you in big ways.

The Micro Influencer Movement: Why They Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

The term ‘micro influencer’ isn’t as common in influencer marketing, but its benefits for small businesses are becoming harder to ignore. Briefly, micro influencers are figures that have between 1K-100K followers on social media. Their audience isn’t large enough to shoot them into stardom, but it’s enough to earn adequate attention and engagement.

Smalltime marketers are using micro influencers to build credibility for their brand and products. They’re more “within reach” for small businesses with small budgets, yet they still hold enough influence to help you get in front of a large audience. They add credibility to your products or services, much like online reviews but from a much more influential source.

For the most part, micro influencers are regular people. They have normal jobs and normal lives, and just happen to have large followings. You can pay them far less than you would a nationally recognized celebrity. Or, in some cases, you may be able to offer them free products in exchange for a promotion.

And, as if the above info weren’t convincing enough, a 2016 study from Pardot revealed that nearly 95% of companies were happy with the results that influencer marketing brought them.

How to Find Micro Influencers in Your Market

When you think of micro-influencers in your industry, what names come to mind? If you come up empty, it’s understandable.

These influencers tend to run under the radar until you’re either looking for them or listening to them.

If you want to find influencers in your niche, you’ll first want to check with those who are already familiar with your brand. People who are sharing your content (or at least commenting on it) may be potential influencers if they have a big enough audience. Even better if they own some of your products or subscribe to your services.

You can also use influencer tools like Klear to find influencers in your niche. These tools analyze social media profiles of millions of users and find matches that best fit your needs. Once you’re matched, you should investigate their followers to see if they’re an ideal audience for your business.

If you’re having trouble getting their attention, consider doing a round-up style blog post that gives them a shout out. Your emails might not get their attention, but calling them out in your blog just might (check out this example).

How to Use Micro Influencers in Your Content Marketing

Once you find a few reputable micro influencers, put their notoriety to work for your services. This could take a few different routes, depending on what your goals are and what you sell.

For example, you might send your influencer a free product to demonstrate via Facebook Live. Or, you might have them write a blog post and mention your product or service. Or, they can share their stories or experiences on what your product did for them.

Of course, you should also share whatever content they produce to your own audiences to further build your credibility.

Whatever you choose, make sure you continue building the relationship with your micro  influencers. You might not see results from a single promotion, but if they continue to promote your product over time, you may start to notice their impact on your business. It’s important to nurture this piece of your content marketing strategy to ensure a healthy, profitable relationship for both parties.

Getting Started with Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are becoming an increasingly important piece of the content marketing puzzle. To start, you’ll want to build up enough quality content to attract the right influencers to your brand and prove to them you’re worth promoting.

If you need to beef up your blog posts or want to craft content specifically to attract micro influencers, let me lend a hand. Together, we’ll fuse influencer marketing with your larger content strategy to help you recognize your highest potential.

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