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Business Blogging

A great business blog shows you’re involved in your business and relevant to your customers’ needs. Let me write your company blog, and you’ll have shareable content that engages your visitors, improves your website’s search relevance, and shows the world you’re on top of your game.

LinkedIn Pulse

Your presence on Social Media is key. Need to upgrade your image with some awesome Pulse articles targeting your professional peers? I write magazine-quality, heavily researched articles that your followers will want to share and discuss.


Selling something? Let me take your idea, your product or your plan and make it irresistible to anyone who visits your site. I’ll provide the hook, the authority, the social proof and everything else. Work my copy writing into your sales funnel and together we’re a winning team.

Social Media Posts

Your content marketing plan should include constant and quality posting on social media platforms. But do you have time for that? I’ll help you take control of your brand by supplying regular posts that carry your message to all your followers.

Ghost Writing

Your name deserves some great writing behind it. Show the world you’re an authority by posting fascinating and helpful articles in your field…but I’ll do all the work! I can cover a huge range of topics, from science to SEO and finance to fashion.

Copy Editing

Sometimes a story is best told in your own words. I can take your document and bring it to the next level with my expert copy editing service. More than just a grammar check, this is a complete analysis with regard to audience, flow, and message.

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My Prices

You get fantastic content at a reasonable price.

Smaller Orders


$30/300-400 Words

  • great for establishing your blog
  • get lots of posts up quickly
  • value priced

Most Popular


$45/500-600 Words

  • great for conversions
  • anchor your blog with in-depth posts
  • the sweet spot between depth and price

Authority Pages


$75/800-1000 Words

  • great for LinkedIn’s Pulse
  • thoroughly researched- longer articles, more sources
  • establish authority in your field


Long Form

$150/1900-2000 Words

  • when you want your post to stand out
  • generate more social shares
  • great for white papers and lead magnets

Need something written other than blog posts? Web pages: $75 up to 1000 words

Long Form Projects: $40/hr

I love bylines! Give me a byline and I will promote your post on my social media accounts:

Writing FAQ


Bachelors from Smith College, Master’s Degree from University of Arizona, Certificate in Computer Programming College of Saint Rose. Writing teacher at University of  Illinois.


I have been writing web content since the early days of SEO, in 2004. I have written through all the trends over the years but I have never compromised quality.


I am always there to answer emails.  I work around the clock to make sure I have the best turnaround time possible.


I proofread everything twice before sending it out. You can give the most detailed instructions and I will follow them to a T every time.

Business Blogging 65%

Ghost Writing 15%

Copy Writing 5%

Social Media Posts 5%

Copy Editing 5%

Linkedin Pulse 5%

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  • Testimonial
    Chimica Robinson,

    I'm a writer so I know skilled writing. After just having a baby and a boat load of things to do on my to do list I needed a home page article that would drive sales for my newest project. I simply don't have the time to do it myself. Because it's such a passionate project I wanted to hire someone good and someone who could deliver good work. So very happy I went with IvyLeagueContent ( Cat). It's rare that a writer will actually ask questions before writing something but she did! It paid off like crazy too. I felt like she was being personable which I don't get online often. Being professional and friendly is normal but acting personable is so hard to find. Found it here! If you want skilled writing , that has that one "thing" that some articles miss , this is who you go to.

  • Testimonial
    Patrick Brian O'Neill,

    As someone who also builds my own websites and is a niche marketer, I can appreciate when a piece of content is written to be both engaging for the reader while also keeping Big G and the other search engines happy. I am extremely pleased to say that the 500 word piece of content I had IvyLeagueContent write is exceptional in both those regards. The piece flows very well, and while the topic was probably not one which was known to this talented writer, you would never know that. The information was well researched, bullet points were effectively used, and quite frankly the quality was much better than I have received from other writers charging a great deal more.

  • Testimonial
    Mark Mcknight,

    Just got my content from Cat. It was very well written. I can write myself but I hate doing it. My expertise is SEO. I love building affiliate websites, but could never find anyone who could write product reviews or articles for my websites as good as me. Well I have now...Cat is a great writer (much better than me) and I will certainly be sending some work her way. Looking forward to getting some keywords together for her to work on.

  • Testimonial
    Jimmy Jay,

    She has taken the time to research our niche, look at our websites, and has created content that is not only grammatically perfect, but compelling as well. No more needing to copyscape and proofread every single writeup, no more worrying about whether our Fortune 500 clients will turn their nose up and go to a competitor, no more frustration of searching and searching for someone to crank out our content. Finally the real deal folks. Finding a great writer is harder than finding a hot date on a Saturday night in the middle of the Arctic Circle.

  • Testimonial
    Patrick J.,

    All I can say is WOW!!! I just got my content back (or should I say "Masterpiece") from Cat, and let me tell you... This Girl Can Write like No Other! ... seriously people if you are looking for content of any kind, Cat is your girl... You will NOT find better!

  • Testimonial
    Cav Stewart,

    Before I found Cat and Ivy League Content, I wasted a lot of precious time and money on writers who wrote generic and uninspiring content. I would often have to rewrite or edit the article. Cat writes with personality and pizzazz. I've never been disappointed with her writing. I love it when she formats my blog post in html, that alone saves me a ton of time. I have used a lot of independent writers and writing services in the past, but Cat's writing steals the show. If you're looking for writing with personality and style, writing that engages your audience, Cat's your gal!

  • Testimonial
    Scott Bamford, Founder at Bullseye Digital Media

    Affiliate marketing is key revenue stream in my Digital Media business. With a affiliate marketing, professional and persuasive writing is absolutely critical for success. Catherine is one of the very few writers I rely on and trust because she is a consummate professional. She knows how to match the tone and personality of a site, proactively understands subject matter, and pays extreme attention to detail. She also has excellent turn around time and meets deadlines. I really enjoy working with her! Highly recommended.

  • Testimonial
    Terry Love,

    When a friend, Mark told us in a private facebook group about a certain top level writer ( he'd been getting great content from and charges more than our other writers, most of us dismissed it as over priced even without giving her a try. Well the topic came up again few days ago, and once again Mark still recommended the mystery lady ( as one of the best in the business, then I decided to go give her a try. Well,  did Cat really deliver? Anyway at the risk of  over-praising; the quality of her content was unbelievably well written, extremely engaging from the beginning to the end. No fluff, all solid points, packed with researched ideas and easy to read. I also compared and discovered I have only one writer (among dozens) that comes close to her quality and delivery. Just like Mark, I also highly RECOMMEND Cat - the lady!

  • Testimonial
    Konstantin Kostychuk, Founder & CEO at TTBA Group

    Catherine has been our go-to English copywriters for the last 2 years. There hasn't been a single time where I or one of my colleagues were disappointed in her services. Anyone who has tried knows that it's a challenge to find a reliable professional in the creative writing industry. Catherine has been that and much more throughout our agency's relationship with her.

  • Testimonial
    Rob Jackson, President, Magnovo Training Group

    Catherine is one of the best writers I've had the privilege to work with. Her writing is creative and impressive. Her work for my company is of the highest quality. I'm fortunate to find her.

  • Testimonial
    Fernando Florez, Strategic Partnerships at Making Sense

    Cat is a great writer, and very easy to work with. I can always count on her for speed in delivering my content. The level of communication Cat provides is also second to none, so I'm definitely a big fan.

About the Writer

  • Testimonial


    Owner & Sole Writer

    About Cat

    Do you need content that connects with people?

    There are many different applications for content in today’s internet world.  As a result, you’ll find a huge range in the quality of content that is being brokered online.  I’ll be the first to admit there are applications where using very good content is a waste of money, but there are situations where using cut rate content will most likely result in a total failure of your project.

    Are you trying to influence people? Are you trying to engage your readers?

    I write clear, concise content in a conversational tone that, in addition to being grammatically perfect, will get your point across.  Do you want to convince people of something? Do you want to persuade them?

    Essentially do you and your website want to be taken seriously?

    The writing you’ll get from me comes from a process…research, synthesis, analysis…but the driving force is readability.  Nobody wants to read a dense tome of wordy nonsense, and nobody wants to read drivel, either.  The question I always ask when I’m proofreading is Does it speak to the reader?

    Basically, my writing is not really for machines (although they like it too) but is for real living people to enjoy and to remember.

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.

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