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What Does Quality Content Look Like in 2018?

Quality content is getting harder to come by these days. All I see on my Twitter feed and email inbox are lookalike articles that rehash the same tired stuff over and over. Surely there must be something new for marketers to write about… right?...
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The Content Manager’s Guide to Spotting Content That Rocks

Are you posting good content on your blog? Or does it just look like good content? Appearances can be deceiving. Good content often follows a visual formula, such as short paragraphs, headers, line breaks, bullets, numbered lists, and a few images sprinkled...
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Outsourcing Your Writing in 2017: A Complete Guide for Marketers Who Demand Outstanding Results

Good quality writing can be a powerful, all-purpose tool that drives everything you need to have going on for your business. That includes sink-or-swim activities such as generating leads, building a brand, increasing authority, retaining customers,...
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It’s 2016: Time to Upgrade Your Web Presence (and Stop Fearing It!)

What’s really holding you back from embracing new marketing ideas for your business? These 5 tips will get you beyond your fears and onto new pathways for success. Fear plagues everyone- you’d be a robot if you didn’t possess a healthy...
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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer

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It's a great resource for anyone who wants to get detailed info on branding, target audience, and goals from their new customers. I use it all the time in my line of work. 


The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer


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