5 Quick and Easy Tips When Writing for Conversions

writing for conversions

Copywriters are usually faced with making a tough choice: write for search engines or write for people. Granted, the ideal situation is to write compelling copy that appeals to both camps, but in some cases, choices must be made.

In my experience, it’s always better to write for your human readers. If the copy isn’t compelling and convincing, your content ultimately won’t deliver the intended results.

If you’re struggling to write copy that captivates and motivates, put these five tips into motion:

#1 – Focus on Benefits, Not Features

Knowing what a product does is helpful, but not until a buyer understands what the product can do for them. Your copy shouldn’t just focus on the bells and whistles of whatever you’re selling, but rather what the reader stands to gain from what you’re offering.

#2 – Be Conversational

Don’t just talk to your readers – talk with them. Having a conversation through your copy is essential in building trust, familiarity, agreement, and desire to keep reading. Keep it a little informal to avoid sounding overly salesy. Use I, me, we, and you to include the reader in the conversation.

#3 – Go Beyond Standard Copy

Creating copy that converts isn’t just about headlines and body text. One of the most underused ways to boost your copy is by adding visual elements like comparison┬átables, images, and diagrams.

The comparison table is one of my favorites. It puts text-based facts into a visually appealing, easy to read format. These are especially effective when comparing your product to a competitor so readers get a side-by-side view of what they’re getting – or missing.

#4 – Embrace Customer Testimonials

No matter how much you believe in what you’re offering, your prospects may be somewhat skeptical. It’s your copy’s job to overcome potential objections that could prevent them from believing what you say.

Customer testimonials remain one of the most powerful elements of copy that converts. When you’re talking with your audience, it’s essential to use your copy to build a relationship with each reader. Nuggets of trust, credibility, and authenticity should be sprinkled throughout your content if you expect your readers to buy into what you’re offering.

#5 – A/B Test for Best Results

It’s not always clear what people will respond to or why. You’ve likely heard about companies changing button colors or altering a single word to send their conversions skyrocketing. They’re not just blowing smoke – minor changes can often lead to big results.

It’s best to create different versions of your headline, CTA, or copy to see if one outperforms another. A/B testing has provided some surprising insights – what works best is almost never what you think! (This case study from Unbounce proves it.)

Bonus Tip: Outsource Your Copywriting to a Professional Writer

If you’re not confident in your ability to write compelling copy that converts, you can always outsource to a writer whose entire career focuses on copywriting. Professional writers take much of the guesswork out of creating effective copy, plus it frees up your time to focus on high-value tasks for your business.

Let’s connect today to talk about your projects and create content with results you can be proud of.

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