Content That Converts: 3 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Copy

content that converts

As a content marketer, identifying the value of what you’re promoting is the easy part. The challenge comes when you must turn that value into compelling copy that helps others recognize what makes your product so special.

Bottom line: if your readers can’t find value in your message, they won’t pay attention to it.

Take a few tips from my personal playbook when it comes to crafting compelling copy that adds value and spurs conversions:

Tip #1 – Make Your Copy Relatable

Attention spans have hit rock bottom. Audiences don’t want to spend time trying to figure out your message. Some people need help connecting the dots  and adding analogies or metaphors to your message can be effective ways to do it.

These literary accomplices help to put vague concepts into perspective. For example, Tropicana’s “Your Daily Ray of Sunshine” is far more colorful than saying it has Vitamin D.

It creates a story and places a specific image in your head. Just make those dots you’re connecting will also link your message to your brand.

Tip #2 – Avoid “Weasel” Words

Marketers should be careful not to make promises they can’t keep but using these protective “weasel” words in your copy will only add a layer of doubt to your product.

Words like may, could, hope, and potentially are often used to cover your own liability but in reality, their use doesn’t instill much confidence in the buyer.

While you don’t want to oversell your product, you should eliminate any words that could cause hesitation. Instead, opt for active voice or promises that you can make with certainty. The more confident you sound, the more trust you stand to gain with buyers.

Tip #3 – Add a Simple Yet Powerful CTA

After pouring hours into crafty content, the last thing you want to do is botch it with a bad call-to-action (or worse, forget to include one altogether!). Content is entirely useless if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, and the first step to success is letting your audience know what to do next.

Don’t settle for the tired “Click Here” action text. Yes, it tells your audience exactly what to do, but it fails to add any promise or value as to what they’ll discover once they do click.

Instead, you’ll need to combine the desired action with value. For example, a “Start your free trial now” button sets the right expectations AND provides actionable direction.

There are hundreds of ways you can spur them into action but not all CTAs are created equally. Instead, get emotionally creative with your CTAs and watch how your results improve.

Remember: Action + Value = Results!

Now, to Fix Your Content!

Is your copy compelling enough to convert? A few simple tweaks might be all you need to help your audience recognize the value in what you’re selling and take action on it.

Contact me today to see how my professional editing services can transform your content to reach its full potential.

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