When’s the Last Time Your Site Moved Upwards in the Rankings ?

Why You Need Social Media to Make Your Business Grow

I am a small business owner.   If you’re like me, website traffic is always a concern now that ranking high in the search engines is not as easy as it used to be.

Has it been a while since you enjoyed the feeling of moving up in the search engines?  Here’s why it matters less than you think.

Where’s your traffic?

If your traffic isn’t up, someone else is getting your visitors instead of you.  In today’s multi-channel environment it takes a whole lot more than it used to in order to drive traffic to a site.

Luckily for us, ranking in the search engines is no longer the only way to thrive online.  There’s a whole world of social media marketing whose fruits are just waiting to be plucked.

If you don’t have the key ingredients for a successful marketing strategy in place, it’s time to get on board.  Someone is siphoning your online traffic away from you, taking your leads with them.  With social media, you have the chance to win some of them back.

Why Are You Not Doing These Things Yet For Your Business?

If you’re already enjoying a steady stream of new leads every day, plus improved rankings both nationally and locally, then stop right here and go read about how to invest your fortune.

But for the rest of you, you’re losing customers if your site doesn’t have these things:

  • A full series of social media accounts kept up-to-date…daily
  • A blog-based website with a self-teaching layout and super easy content management
  • A complete and proper local SEO campaign that captures local customers
  • A smartphone-ready design to capture mobile shoppers

The online marketing world has moved wayyyyyy beyond proper meta tags…Don’t get left behind.

Many businesses have already worked those elements listed above into their web campaigns. Your rankings, your traffic, your leads and your sales will not improve until you do so as well.

What does this involve?  To begin with, marketing your business online now means going way beyond just tidying up your meta tags for the search engine rankings.

Marketing your online business now includes such things as:

  1. Making full use of social media.  When people are online, they are increasingly spending time on social media. This is the single most important take-away for you here.
  2. Optimizing for mobile visitors  Hopefully you’ve done at least this by now.  80% of internet users use a smartphone to search the internet*.  It’s a platform you can’t afford to ignore.  Is your website ready for a new generation, one that uses smartphones for absolutely everything…including shopping?  Many don’t even own a PC.
  3. Optimizing for the local market. This is what’s known as “local” SEO.
  4. Offering your visitors value-added content that keeps them coming back for more. This applies to both your website and your social media accounts.

There’s a lot to online marketing…here’s where to focus your efforts.

If you want to concentrate in just one area for now, social media is where to put your efforts.

In fact, developing a full set of social media accounts and carefully cultivating them over time could results in leads.  In many cases, leads come directly from social media.  Leads may visit your website and it’s still important to have one, but more and more prospects discover you on social media platforms.

Search engines be damned!

Finally, be honest.  If all this has been news to you, it’s time to ante up and get proactive about your online marketing.  Whether you want to attract more local customers, grow your social presence or generate more leads for your business, social media is an essential part of the mix.  Start there first.

*Source: Smart Insights.  “Mobile Marketing Statistic Compilation”.  Retrieved from

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