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Content That Converts: 3 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Copy

As a content marketer, identifying the value of what you’re promoting is the easy part. The challenge comes when you must turn that value into compelling copy that helps others recognize what makes your product so special. Bottom line: if your readers...
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3 Hacks to Speed Up Your Keyword Research

If you’ve ever done your own keyword research, you already know what a time-draining, mind-numbing, expensive (and sometimes fruitless) process it can be. Granted, SEO tools like Moz and Ahrefs can help lighten the load but they’re not cheap....
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What Should Quality Content Cost in 2018?

The phrase “You get what you pay for” gets tossed around a lot. The cheapest of the cheap can never match the quality of a top dollar product. But should you always pay top dollar for quality content, or can too-good-to-be-true prices sometimes...
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3 Differences Between Low-Quality Content and High-Quality Content

What does quality content look like in 2018? Truth be told, our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter. Google has a large say over what good content is and will award better rankings to the content it deems quality. You might think you’ve...
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What Does Quality Content Look Like in 2018?

Quality content is getting harder to come by these days. All I see on my Twitter feed and email inbox are lookalike articles that rehash the same tired stuff over and over. Surely there must be something new for marketers to write about… right?...
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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer

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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer


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