What Should Quality Content Cost in 2018?

The phrase “You get what you pay for” gets tossed around a lot. The cheapest of the cheap can never match the quality of a top dollar product. But should you always pay top dollar for quality content, or can too-good-to-be-true prices sometimes get the job done?

The Price of Value

When I first started writing for content marketing purposes, I wasn’t sure what good content should cost. After doing a little competitor research, I discovered that the price of blog articles and website content could vary drastically – from pennies per word up to a quarter or more per word.

Some people charge thousands of dollars for a landing page. Others charge $5 for a 500-word blog post.

Content is content after all, right?

The biggest thing I learned is this:

There’s a major difference between Price and Value.

Higher prices might seem more appealing to national brands because they perceive better quality. Lower prices look attractive to budget-conscious businesses because they can get more content for their money.

The truth is, there is no magic price to look for when it comes to finding a quality content writer. Paying $35 for a blog post might seem like a better deal than paying $60 for the same content, but what if that $60 also includes white-glove editing, posting to your WordPress site, keyword research, and Copyscape verification?

For busy business owners who want the best results, the more expensive post is a clear winner.

Can You Gauge Good Content By Price Alone?

Having been in content marketing writing for years, it’s been my experience that price alone isn’t the best way to determine quality content. Paying more won’t necessarily get you higher conversions. Paying less might get you a higher volume of content, but if your content doesn’t achieve what you want it to, then every cent you spend is wasted.

Rather than looking at price alone, it’s important you also look at the total value you get from your purchase. Working with a writer that can help with content strategy, keyword research, a unique writing style, image sourcing, or otherwise assuming a consulting role is much more likely to deliver high-quality content than a freelancer churning out a dozen articles a day for random clients.

Where to Find Quality Content

Content needs vary. Budgets vary. Goals vary. And you can bet there’s a price to match whatever you need.

Rather than shopping for content based on price alone, make sure you also look at the total value of the price you’re paying. You don’t have to choose the cheapest option to get the best deal, nor do you have to pay a fortune to get good results.

Talk to me about your upcoming marketing projects and let me help you get more value from every piece of content you publish.



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