How to Write Irresistible Service Pages that Convert Visitors to Leads

When prospects land on your website and they like your home page, what happens next? They could click to see the pages that describe your services. Then, you have a chance to convert your visitors into customers.

If you write your pages the right way, your visitor could also give you a call immediately. So what’s the secret to writing great service descriptions that convert visitors to customers?

1. Know Your Customers

Have a clear understanding of who your customers are. Take time to do this before you create any content for your service pages. Here are some of the questions you should answer:

  • What are the problems my audience is trying to solve?
  • What can motivate them?
  • What are their objections to buying?
  • Why will they choose us instead of our competitors?

Take time to do some customer research so you can create your ideal buyer persona. This will help you focus on your customers’ needs while writing.

2. Focus on the Benefits of Your Service

Make a list of all the features of the service you’re marketing. Then list the benefits attached to each feature. A benefit could be a pain that you help your client avoid or a desire that you can help them achieve. Think deeply about each benefit your typical buyer might appreciate and jot down some notes on how your service can help them achieve it.

Ask yourself, how can each service…

  • Make life easier and more comfortable?
  • Help our clients save money?
  • Create additional value for our clients?
  • Make our clients safer and more secure?
  • Help our clients save time?

3. Add Subheadings and Bullet Points

Most of your website visitors won’t read your content like a college textbook. They’ll just scan your pages quickly. So you need to write in a format that helps them see exactly what you want them to see.

You can make your pages more readable by using:

  • Subheadings: Place subheadings before a block of text. Readers will find it easier to scan the page and locate the details that are important to them. Then, they can spend more time reading the text below these headings
  • Numbered paragraphs: Sometimes, placing numbers before paragraph headings can make it easy for readers to find information or refer to it later
  • Bullet points: Use bullets to highlight benefits and key information so your readers can see them quickly
  • Whitespace: Make the text easier to read. Don’t overwhelm your readers with large blocks of text. Remember that many will access your site from a mobile device with a small screen

4. Include Testimonials

Your service pages need to build trust in the minds of your prospects. One of the best ways to do this is by including testimonials. Your visitors are more likely to buy if they see that many people have had a positive experience with your company. They’ll get more excited if they have things in common with the people in the testimonials.

So select testimonials that resonate with your ideal buyer persona. These testimonials should include the main benefits you’ve highlighted in other parts of the page. To make the testimonials more convincing, ensure that you include the real names and organizations of testifiers.

You can include your testimonials in any place on your page, including:

  • the sidebar
  • a graphic element
  • a fly-out or popup
  • in line with other text

After potential clients read the testimonials, they’ll know what to expect from you.

5. Do Keyword Research

Before you create names for your services, do some keyword research. You may like the idea of writing a unique, cool-sounding service name but it may not help you if people can’t use it to find you online. Make your service page SEO-friendly so you can attract more visitors through search engines.

When you conduct keyword research, you’ll know the types of words and phrases people are typing to find what you’re offering. Then you can add these to your service descriptions. You should even include these in your page URL to rank higher in search engine results pages.

6. Be Specific

If you want to stand out among the pack, you need to be as specific as possible. Avoid using generic phrases like “the leading provider” or “the best service provider.” While the second phrase may be necessary for SEO, you must be able to provide proof or verifiable data to show that you are actually the best.  You should strive to provide facts and reduce the generic marketing phrases to the barest minimum. For instance,

  • Say “All emails are answered within 24 hours or less” instead of “we provide fast turnaround times and efficient service delivery”
  • Say “For over 20 years we’ve completed 10,000 projects for over 2,500 organizations, raising revenue by a 30 to 40 percent per year”

Providing numeric data makes your copy more convincing.

7. Be Transparent About Pricing

Very often, potential customers will search for more than one website before making a buying decision. If they find pricing information on one site and don’t see any pricing on another, what do you think they will do? Most times, they won’t call to ask for prices. They ‘ll probably compare the prices on the other site with a third site that provides pricing information and chose the most suitable service.

While it’s best to provide specific prices, this may not always be possible for services that need to be customized or which need a pre-assessment. In such cases, you can provide a minimum or starting price. You may also mention a price range for different types of services. Stating your prices also helps you avoid wasting time with clients who aren’t ready to pay for your services.

8. Add a Call-to-Action

Your services page must contain a definite call-to-action. The essence of the page is to get the prospect to call you or send you an email so you must put a prominent call-to-action on the page. You may decide to capture a lead by asking visitors to request more information.

You can also add a lead magnet by offering a valuable free gift to be received via email. Alternatively, you could also ask your visitor to accept a free consultation. In some cases, a button or link with “contact us today” or “get a free quote” may suffice.

Now that you have this information, you can go on to create services pages that will allow you to capture more leads and help you acquire more customers. Glad I could help!

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