Is SEO Hosting a Bad Idea?

For anyone who owns multiple websites and who may interlink them for SEO purposes, or who may simply want to keep the website identities separate from each other, the idea of purchasing  SEO hosting has probably presented itself at some point.

After all, the benefits are seemingly spectacular:

  1. You get a hosting package that spreads your various websites across totally separate C-Classes like seeds sown to the wind.  As far as search engines can tell, your little “family” of websites have nothing to do with each other and therefore represent completely individual, wonderfully organic, all-natural backlinks.
  2. And of course, the whole point of SEO hosting is that you’ll save a bundle on hosting fees.

Take, for example, the packages offered by SEO Web Hosting.  You can get 5 different C-Class IPs for $7.50 per month. That’s for shared hosting.  If you want 5 Dedicated IPs, it’ll cost you $29.50 per month.

Try purchasing 5 separate web hosting accounts and you’ll be paying at least $20 monthly for shared and at least $100 for dedicated hosting.

SEO Hosting Seems Perfect, Right?

But what if we were to tell you SEO hosting should be carefully considered…very carefully considered?  There’s one thing you should know before embarking on what seems to be the best thing ever invented for people trying to rank websites.

You might be associating your websites with some pretty shady colleagues….ones who may get you in trouble.

Be Careful Who Your Roommates Are

You see, SEO hosting is for anyone interested in promoting multiple websites and making it appear as if they had nothing to do with each other.  It’s for people running SEO campaigns where they’re not afraid to promote by any means possible.  You’re basically cohabitating with the world’s leaders in BlackHat activities and fly-by-night scams.

Think Raspberry Ketones.  Pyramid schemes.  Whatever it is people are falling for these days, you can bet the websites luring them into it are hosted on SEO hosting servers.

OK, you say, that’s not you?  Fine, but it could hurt you.

Google has Web Spam Teams. That’s a fact.  Now, what these teams do and how they do it is of course up to a whole lot of speculation.  Keeping that in mind, here’s what the current theory is on SEO hosting:

  • Although it’s not 100% verified, there is an internet theory circulating out there that once Google finds what it considers a “spammy” website, it could simply deindex or de-rank every website on the same C-class as that one.  It’s guilt by association.
  • Some SEO Hosting servers are prone to infiltration, so hackers can more easily take down your sites.
  • Some SEO hosting companies use the same nameservers for every IP, so it’s easier to tell what sites are yours by tracking domain nameservers.  This is because you are leaving what the pros call nameserver footprint.

So how about you?  Now that you know about the possible risks involved, would you still be tempted by the huge savings offered by SEO hosting?

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