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Since I started my writing business, I’ve found that sometimes, customers are asking for something on a higher level than writing. If it’s content strategy you have in mind, I sometimes do consulting at $50 per hour.

How to Know if You Need Content Strategy Consulting

Content writing services typically entail an assignment-based writing task.

  1. The client orders and pays for a specific piece with a given set of instructions
  2. The writer does the assignment
  3. The end

The client may be a small business owner, a content marketer at a company, or an individual who’s working on a personal project. They may choose to deliver Specific instructions including:

  •  Keywords
  • Title
  • Length
  • Target audience
  • Deadline
  • And More

The more they can provide the writer, the more likely they will like the outcome.

Many people don’t know how to provide that type of information – and why should they? They are dentists, lawyers, busy SMBs, nurses, you name it.

Sometimes it’s busy media agency owners who need content strategy consulting. They are trying to scale but don’t yet have a content manager on board or who would like to hire a consultant instead.

What is Content Strategy Consulting?

It can be whatever you need it to be but basically, it covers anything that goes above and beyond a writing assignment which serves to improve the quality of the content strategy of the client. That could include any combination of the following:

  • Phone Calls
  • Feedback loops that occur after the initial instructions are given and before submission of the work. Of course, after the work is submitted, there may be a feedback loop regarding tweaks and edits.
  • Heavy involvement with the stages of the writing process
  • Anything where regular interaction is required in order to achieve success with the project

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