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CatOwner & Writer


Owner & Writer

Do you need content that connects with people?

There are many different applications for content in today’s internet world.  As a result, you’ll find a huge range in the quality of content that is being brokered online.  I’ll be the first to admit there are applications where using very good content is a waste of money, but there are situations where using cut rate content will most likely result in a total failure of your project.

Are you trying to influence people? Are you trying to engage your readers?

I write clear, concise content in a conversational tone that, in addition to being grammatically perfect, will get your point across.  Do you want to convince people of something? Do you want to persuade them?

Essentially, do you and your website want to be taken seriously?

The writing you’ll get from me comes from a process…research, synthesis, analysis…but the driving force is readability.  Nobody wants to read a dense tome of wordy nonsense, and nobody wants to read drivel, either.  The question I always ask when I’m proofreading is, Does it speak to the reader?

Basically, my writing is not really for machines (although they like it too) but is for real living people to enjoy and to remember.

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The Ultimate Checklist of Questions You Should Ask Every New Customer


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